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Paddy rice reaper harvester machine for harvesting wheat

Addtime:2015-3-28 9:13:13   Author:   visited:1509

This week,our client asked about the paddy rice repaer harvester machine,He tell me he want to harvest wheat,oak,barley And dry earth.He want to harvest the wheat firstly, they you will use his wheat threasher machine to thresh.And the cutting width is 1200mm,and he want to buy one machine,but he want to know detail information about paddy rice repaer harvester machine, and after purchasing it,if they are satified,His friend will purchase again.I send the machine working video,He is happy.

Paddy rice reaper harvester machine can harvest different,chilli,oak,barley,soybean,alfalfa,etc.The machine harvest speed is fast, easy to operation,one people can make the machine work very well.I also our help you help you to harvest your crops.